Was it really her fault?

The dark sky stretched above her like a malicious witch’s cloak .
That was a no moon night. Just as there was an absence of moon there was an absence of hope for her too.
What had gone wrong?
What had she done ?
Was it really ‘her’ fault?
Her I’ll fate stood there staring at her, mocking her.
Her soul has been ripped. Her soul has been bruised brutally.
Her wounds held no significance in front the misery of her mind.
She had many questions in her mind….
Why did it happen?
Who were they?
Was it her fault? As the society stated..?
Were her rapist in jail ? Or were they planning to snatch another soul from an innocent body?
Laying there under the darkest sky of her life on the hard and cold floor she knew she’ll find the answers to her questions but little did she know that in this fickle minded society she’ll never find the answer to ” was it really ‘her’ fault”?

Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

7 thoughts on “Was it really her fault?”

  1. Real touching. I am so against society blaming victims of rape and judging them saying it was them who provoked it or just simply their fault. It is never a victim’s fault. I’ve been writing about this issue but haven’t finished it yet, I think this is a fueling issue, at least for me.
    Thank you for sharing πŸ’›

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      1. I agree with you, it’s just something that I don’t understand. I think we call each other so civilized and modern and yet when things like this happen there’s still that belief that it’s a woman’s fault (talking about women in this case) when it’s both men and women.

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      2. Exactly! They say it happened coz the girl was wearing provocative clothing but what clothing was a five year old wearing when she was raped? Was she seducing the man too? People just need to change their mindset asap!

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