Why does it happen that whom we love the most is the one who hurts us the most too … Why does the wound never fills in spite of all this time spent away from him …why does it happen that I forget it completely but everything comes back in front my eyes whenever I hear his name …why does it happen that each and every memory leaves a scar on the brain …why does it hurts so much to love ? Love ? Is it really love? Or is it some kind of torture acting as a slow poison in my life?… Why does it happen that I know he is wrong n gone but don’t want to accept the truth. why does it happen that I face every hardship
Of my life with strength but melts whenever a memory of his words sneaks its way in my brain… Why does it happen that whenever I came across him I still get those goosebumps… Why do I feel so jealous about all the girls I see him with? I knew from the start that its not gonna work but then why do I still expect something magical to happen ? Why do I still make up scenarios which are never gonna happen? Why do I still want to make him want me again? HE is the question and the answer too …he is the pain and the happiness too…he is the sadness and the excitement of my life too… He is gone but is still there too … He must be wonderful as how a person can perform two roles at once? Coz he is bad but at the same time good too…
But the question still remains …. Why does it feel so good to be hurt by him?
Will I ever move on ?” Can” I ever move on? Will I ever get the strength to push his words, his smile, his care, his love away? As all the love he gave me doesn’t exist anymore but why do I don’t understand that a matchstick called love is never gonna light if it gets wet with water called disloyalty.
“One more time we are strangers but this time with memories”

Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

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