Best friend.

All alone in the dark night sky,
The insect’s whistling as your only lullaby;
The deep gurgling sound of water,
and the light moonlight shining bright;
They are your only friends , dark and gloomy as they are,
but being a friend they doesn’t treat your scars.
Deep inside your sock is sliding,
Afraid to tell your feelings you are hiding.
As you are passing through a door;
There he stands all cheery and pure,
he came in your life as a blessing,
With him you started distressing;
All your scars started to mend,
Yes he became your best friend.
You loved him with your feeble heart,
And that’s how a forever friendship starts;
he is your best friend and he gave you his time,
Both are connected from soul and of the same kind.
With him you can reach the sky ;
the ocean is your canvas and with the stars you stand by.
A fresh chapter in your story he penned;
Yes he became your best friend.
He rejuvenated your soul,
Treated you as his own,
Saved you from bad friends;
Yes he became your best friend.
All the breakups and heartbreaks,
he was there for you to be brave,
he is your strength he is your, weakness;
Yes he is your best friend.

~mehar malhotra

Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

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