Liebster award!

Thank you so much everyone for such an overwhelming response to my blogs! I’m really thankful to all the people who like and comment on my blogs! U guys really motivate me a lot! .

So I’ve been nominated for the liebster award by perfectreverie She’s an amazing blogger!Β 

Following are the rules for the award


Following are the eleven bloggers that I nominate :-

1. Ruralvoicesblog

2. Toofulltowrite

3. Odysseyinabigcity

4.the quiet girl blogger


6. Petraomoregiecaroline

7. Mum of one

8. Regina martins

9. Parrhesiastic

10. Storyshucker

11. Sjoshifollowyourpassion

I don’t know if u have been nominated before but I liked your bolg so I nominated you.

Following are eleven facts about myself.

1. I’m a 16 year old from India

2. I just adore the TV show Gotham and friendsΒ ! I’ve watched them like so many times

3. My current jam is ‘write on me’ by fifth Harmony

4. My idea of relaxation is always a good book! Currently I’m reading ‘the confession ‘ by john Grisham.

5. I love to play guitar , it relaxes me and I forget all my problems while playing it.

6. I’m very emotional! I love my friends and family too much! πŸ™‚

7. I Like cooking … I like the satisfaction it gives after creating a dish.

8. I’m a coke addict . I always need it with my meals.

9. I love exploring dark and forgotten places ! They are so mysterious and intriguing!

10. I like to talk a lot . like a lot. And I love writing and reading !

11. I want to be a clinical psychologist in future as I love to help people and make them happy!

Following are the answers to the 11 question asked about me !

  1. What song do you most connect with on a personal level?

Answer:- fight song by Rachel platten . its highly energetic and motivating to carry on in life

2.Avengers or X-men?Β 

Answer:- avengers for sure!

3.Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

Answer :- this so hard to chose! But I guess I prefer Β iron man a little bit more coz he’s super cool!

4. What is one dream you’ve always had?Β 

Answer :- an Europe tour by car.

5. FavouriteΒ quote you’ve heard and why?Β 

Answer :- ‘maybe its not about the happy ending , maybe its about the story.’ I personally like this one because people are so obsessed to achieve the happy ending that they forget to enjoy the story I don’t like Β a happy ending coz after all its an ending so I believe in enjoying every moment of life.

6. If you were famous, what would you most likely be famous about?

Answers :- social services.

7. What is one thing that can make you happy on a bad day?

Answer :- good food and a book.

8. One thing that motivates you to do better?

Answer:- music . it has an effect on me

9. Who is one person you’ve always looked up to?

Answer :- my mother. Β πŸ™‚ she’s so strong and pure ! I always look up to her for strength.

10. What is one thing you can’t live without?

Answer:- books

11. And the most important, what is your favourite thing about yourself?

Answer :- my morality.

Following are the 11 question for the bloggers I’ve nominated

1. You have five minutes to leave your house , what 4 things you will take with yourself?

2. What kind of music connects to your soul?

3. what is the one thing you are proud of ?

4. What is your idea of relaxation ?

5. Which book inspired you the most?

6. Whom do you idolize?

7. If you had to live your whole life in one outfit what will it be?

8. Name a thing that makes you smile every time you see it.

9. What is your biggest nightmare?

10. If you had been granted 3 wishes , what will they be?

11. What is your life’s motto?

Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

27 thoughts on “Liebster award!”

  1. Mehar 1st of all congrats for this amazing awards. And I amazed you are 16 and you are writing like 26 good keep it up . and ya I would like to listen your beautiful tones of guitar πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

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