Listen to the litlle voice.

When there is darkness all you can think about,
And you think there’s no one around;
There will always be that little voice,
Guiding you to make your choice.
When you pick up the knife to end this once and for all;
The sadness crawling and seeping into your skin making you bawl.
The heart, wailing;
The soul, fading.
Waiting for a miracle while holding the knife,
She isn’t brave enough to end this she realized.
But then the pain came shooting back,
The faltered courage regained again;
She wasn’t brave enough to keep the pain.
Living in an illusion that this will end things,
Little did she know this is just the beginning.
Beginning of losing;
Beginning of cowardice;
Beginning of not fighting;
As the knife was about to slice through the agonized skin; the miracle happened.
The little voice came back.
A ray of hope poured in the crack.
That’s when she decided to fight,
To do what’s absolutely right.
The girl who was so brutally torn,
That day decided again to be born.
All she could see was grey but,
With full might she pushed the pain away .
The girl who was ending things is now mending things.
The girl was done with losing and on for choosing.
Today she tells hundreds of people
Not to end their life;
Changing lives is what she strives.
The world is like an old factory with abandoned machines;
Some of them can be mended.
She realized that with life and time the pain can be ended.
She has been connected to the little voice since.
Because at the end its ourselves that we have got;
Because its us that knows the battles we have fought .

~mehar malhotra

Sketch drawn by ~mehar

Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

12 thoughts on “Listen to the litlle voice.”

  1. Beautifully explained, how she ends up changing her decision. It Is amazing how she got her confidence in such dark situation…this will motivate a lot of people who have been in dark..
    Thank you for this one…

    Liked by 2 people

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