Say no to body shaming.

Looking at her imperfect body in the mirror she was not quite satisfied,
But for her at that time it was just about right.
It was the first day of school;
She already read twice the important rules.
Wearing her best dress for the day,
she tried a new hairstyle,
She took a long time to decide which was her best profile .
Having a normal body she has a Normal life too,
She has no obligation and nothing to prove.
Reaching to the school she was ready for it ;
But little did she know she would be looked upon as a misfit.
And then the comments started,
The bullying made her fainthearted;
She was not ready for this,
The school was turned into a brutal abyss.
The body shaming was making her weak;
The Colours in her life were slowly turning bleak.
Was it anorexia or a weight obsession? she wasn’t sure.
But to fit in the society she had to be thin , there was no cure.
The happy girl was lost in the labyrinth of Body shaming,
She was dying but she thought it was just body taming.
They say your body is a temple, preserve it;
But maybe its just an amusement park so enjoy it.
Enjoy every ride of the park and
be proud of every stall,
Love all the blemishes whether big and small.
Be comfortable in your own skin,
Understand that everyone is not akin.
Show your flaws with pride;
Your body will reply with its own smiles.
Explore yourself like its a forest,
With beautiful trees and flowers that cannot be same,
Your body is not a circus lion it cannot be trained.
There’s no too fat and too skinny,
You gotta shun the ignominy.
Celebrate your uniqueness and imperfection;
Your body just needs you own affection.
~mehar malhotra

Sketch by ~ mehar.

Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

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