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Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Mehar Malhotra Founder & Owner of: Radiant Thoughts Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life Writer This post is about teenagers and their baffling journey. Why is it that with every good thing comes its price? Why is it that every coin has two sides? The most confusing age i.e between childhood and adulthood,

The cursed time called teenage.
For some “the most beautiful time of life” ;
For some ” the time for making the most important decisions”.
Why is that with the excitement of teenage comes the heavy burden of decisions?
Why is that with happiness for every new found talent of ourselves comes the baffling identity crisis?
Why is that with the sweet feeling of young love comes the feeling of heartbreak?
Why is that with the new feeling of exploring comes heavy responsibilities to fulfill?
Why is that with hope comes high expectations which we cannot fulfill?
Why is that with every good intention comes the bag of mistakes too?
Why is that teenage is the sweetest yet the most difficult time of our lives.
Why can’t for once it be good without any stress, any mistakes, any regrets for wrong decisions.
So if this is called the most beautiful time of one’s life there must be a reason. Make it happen!
Live it to the fullest! Let yourself free!
So let your soul be euphoric and let it soar high and high!
So write your destiny with the most vibrant colours you can find!
So live your life, so laugh at things and make people laugh. So fall in love and have no fear. Because if everything comes with a price, why focus on the price? Just go with the flow and make the best experience with the bemusing time called teenage. via How to get through Teenage. (1 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Just not enough.

16216523-Relaxation-on-beach-detail-of-male-feet-Stock-Photo-footI’m just not enough.
I’m that spot on which the feet resides on the sandy beach and the waves return without touching the feet.
I’m the estimated value after the decimal, which is just not accurate.
I’m that wallflower which neither blooms nor dies.
I’m 99 and 101, but not what’s in the middle.
I’m euphoria and depression, but not what’s normal.
I’m the dent on the smooth steel hood.
I’m the disfigured figure in between the perfectly synchronized patterns.
I’m the spot on the beach where the sun never shines.
I’m the crook in the perfectly winged eyeliner.
I’m the black spot on the colourful bandanna.
I’m the cinnamon role without the cinnamon.
I’m different , I’m not perfect, and I’m most certainly just not enough.

Say no to body shaming.

Looking at her imperfect body in the mirror she was not quite satisfied,
But for her at that time it was just about right.
It was the first day of school;
She already read twice the important rules.
Wearing her best dress for the day,
she tried a new hairstyle,
She took a long time to decide which was her best profile .
Having a normal body she has a Normal life too,
She has no obligation and nothing to prove.
Reaching to the school she was ready for it ;
But little did she know she would be looked upon as a misfit.
And then the comments started,
The bullying made her fainthearted;
She was not ready for this,
The school was turned into a brutal abyss.
The body shaming was making her weak;
The Colours in her life were slowly turning bleak.
Was it anorexia or a weight obsession? she wasn’t sure.
But to fit in the society she had to be thin , there was no cure.
The happy girl was lost in the labyrinth of Body shaming,
She was dying but she thought it was just body taming.
They say your body is a temple, preserve it;
But maybe its just an amusement park so enjoy it.
Enjoy every ride of the park and
be proud of every stall,
Love all the blemishes whether big and small.
Be comfortable in your own skin,
Understand that everyone is not akin.
Show your flaws with pride;
Your body will reply with its own smiles.
Explore yourself like its a forest,
With beautiful trees and flowers that cannot be same,
Your body is not a circus lion it cannot be trained.
There’s no too fat and too skinny,
You gotta shun the ignominy.
Celebrate your uniqueness and imperfection;
Your body just needs you own affection.
~mehar malhotra

Sketch by ~ mehar.

Blogger recognition award!

So I have been nominated for the blogger recognition award!

Thank you so much everyone for all your appreciation and support! 

My big thank you to vibhash –  for nominating me and always appreciating my work ! He’s an amazing writer please check out his blog! 

My journey as a blogger:-

So it all started when I was in 11th standard and a friend of mine gave her introduction as – “hi ! I love music and I write blogs!”.   I didn’t know much about blogs at that time but somehow the word caught my attention , after a lot of research I joined wordpress and I am very thankful to that decision! I wrote an article and published it I got no response at all but it didn’t bother me at that time and I eventually abandoned it because of study pressure. But I never stopped writing ! I got into a writing spree in the summer vacations in my 12th standard and suddenly I remembered the blog! It was an eureka moment! I followed some awesome bloggers and commented on a few great articles I discovered and bam! My articles got exposure! I just love the feeling of reading nice comments about my work! I’m so grateful to have such a loving and thoughtful family of bloggers! The inspiration for my articles just kept on hitting me often and I loved the feeling of writing my heart out! I hope to grow my family more and am really thankful to all the friends who have motivated me here!  😊💕

My advice to other bloggers:-

I’m just a beginner to give advice but I really suggest all the bloggers to be honest with their writings. Inspiration can hit you anywhere so always keep a pad with you or your mobile as I frequently jot down my ideas in my mobile notepad as its more convenient. Work on your writings like you are living in it and as if you are writing from your soul! Feel your words and play with them! Don’t write because you have to, write because you want to!

Appreciate other’s work too and learn from constrictive criticism, don’t be discouraged by anything! You don’t have to prove anything just write what you feel and like , as long as you are content  with your work its all that matters at last! 

Bloggers that I nominate:-

I’ll be personally nominating them all! 😊😊


  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Thank the one who nominated you.
  3. Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
  4. Give advice to other bloggers.
  5. Nominate the deserving ones.


Thanks for reading ! 😊


Listen to the litlle voice.

When there is darkness all you can think about,
And you think there’s no one around;
There will always be that little voice,
Guiding you to make your choice.
When you pick up the knife to end this once and for all;
The sadness crawling and seeping into your skin making you bawl.
The heart, wailing;
The soul, fading.
Waiting for a miracle while holding the knife,
She isn’t brave enough to end this she realized.
But then the pain came shooting back,
The faltered courage regained again;
She wasn’t brave enough to keep the pain.
Living in an illusion that this will end things,
Little did she know this is just the beginning.
Beginning of losing;
Beginning of cowardice;
Beginning of not fighting;
As the knife was about to slice through the agonized skin; the miracle happened.
The little voice came back.
A ray of hope poured in the crack.
That’s when she decided to fight,
To do what’s absolutely right.
The girl who was so brutally torn,
That day decided again to be born.
All she could see was grey but,
With full might she pushed the pain away .
The girl who was ending things is now mending things.
The girl was done with losing and on for choosing.
Today she tells hundreds of people
Not to end their life;
Changing lives is what she strives.
The world is like an old factory with abandoned machines;
Some of them can be mended.
She realized that with life and time the pain can be ended.
She has been connected to the little voice since.
Because at the end its ourselves that we have got;
Because its us that knows the battles we have fought .

~mehar malhotra

Sketch drawn by ~mehar

Liebster award!

Thank you so much everyone for such an overwhelming response to my blogs! I’m really thankful to all the people who like and comment on my blogs! U guys really motivate me a lot! .

So I’ve been nominated for the liebster award by perfectreverie She’s an amazing blogger! 

Following are the rules for the award


Following are the eleven bloggers that I nominate :-

1. Ruralvoicesblog

2. Toofulltowrite

3. Odysseyinabigcity

4.the quiet girl blogger


6. Petraomoregiecaroline

7. Mum of one

8. Regina martins

9. Parrhesiastic

10. Storyshucker

11. Sjoshifollowyourpassion

I don’t know if u have been nominated before but I liked your bolg so I nominated you.

Following are eleven facts about myself.

1. I’m a 16 year old from India

2. I just adore the TV show Gotham and friends ! I’ve watched them like so many times

3. My current jam is ‘write on me’ by fifth Harmony

4. My idea of relaxation is always a good book! Currently I’m reading ‘the confession ‘ by john Grisham.

5. I love to play guitar , it relaxes me and I forget all my problems while playing it.

6. I’m very emotional! I love my friends and family too much! 🙂

7. I Like cooking … I like the satisfaction it gives after creating a dish.

8. I’m a coke addict . I always need it with my meals.

9. I love exploring dark and forgotten places ! They are so mysterious and intriguing!

10. I like to talk a lot . like a lot. And I love writing and reading !

11. I want to be a clinical psychologist in future as I love to help people and make them happy!

Following are the answers to the 11 question asked about me !

  1. What song do you most connect with on a personal level?

Answer:- fight song by Rachel platten . its highly energetic and motivating to carry on in life

2.Avengers or X-men? 

Answer:- avengers for sure!

3.Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

Answer :- this so hard to chose! But I guess I prefer  iron man a little bit more coz he’s super cool!

4. What is one dream you’ve always had? 

Answer :- an Europe tour by car.

5. Favourite quote you’ve heard and why? 

Answer :- ‘maybe its not about the happy ending , maybe its about the story.’ I personally like this one because people are so obsessed to achieve the happy ending that they forget to enjoy the story I don’t like  a happy ending coz after all its an ending so I believe in enjoying every moment of life.

6. If you were famous, what would you most likely be famous about?

Answers :- social services.

7. What is one thing that can make you happy on a bad day?

Answer :- good food and a book.

8. One thing that motivates you to do better?

Answer:- music . it has an effect on me

9. Who is one person you’ve always looked up to?

Answer :- my mother.  🙂 she’s so strong and pure ! I always look up to her for strength.

10. What is one thing you can’t live without?

Answer:- books

11. And the most important, what is your favourite thing about yourself?

Answer :- my morality.

Following are the 11 question for the bloggers I’ve nominated

1. You have five minutes to leave your house , what 4 things you will take with yourself?

2. What kind of music connects to your soul?

3. what is the one thing you are proud of ?

4. What is your idea of relaxation ?

5. Which book inspired you the most?

6. Whom do you idolize?

7. If you had to live your whole life in one outfit what will it be?

8. Name a thing that makes you smile every time you see it.

9. What is your biggest nightmare?

10. If you had been granted 3 wishes , what will they be?

11. What is your life’s motto?

Best friend.

All alone in the dark night sky,
The insect’s whistling as your only lullaby;
The deep gurgling sound of water,
and the light moonlight shining bright;
They are your only friends , dark and gloomy as they are,
but being a friend they doesn’t treat your scars.
Deep inside your sock is sliding,
Afraid to tell your feelings you are hiding.
As you are passing through a door;
There he stands all cheery and pure,
he came in your life as a blessing,
With him you started distressing;
All your scars started to mend,
Yes he became your best friend.
You loved him with your feeble heart,
And that’s how a forever friendship starts;
he is your best friend and he gave you his time,
Both are connected from soul and of the same kind.
With him you can reach the sky ;
the ocean is your canvas and with the stars you stand by.
A fresh chapter in your story he penned;
Yes he became your best friend.
He rejuvenated your soul,
Treated you as his own,
Saved you from bad friends;
Yes he became your best friend.
All the breakups and heartbreaks,
he was there for you to be brave,
he is your strength he is your, weakness;
Yes he is your best friend.

~mehar malhotra