No strings attached.

No strings attached….
There are small, tiny, fragile strings attached to people in this world.
The More people look strong and fortified the more weak their strings are. People everywhere, everyday grapple to save their strings from being broken. Some succeed some don’t. But an interesting fact is that people aren’t aware of their strings being attached or broken! They just carry on with the shithole called life.
Relationships are the food for these strings .
According to my life experience the more relationships we have the more healthy strings we have attached to people . There Is a need to save the strings from being hurt as people without strings are people without heart .

Ironically people without strings once had their strings attached which were brutally broken by brutal feelings..
Brutal feelings? I’ll tell u about it ! Brutal feelings are doubt, hatred, lust, jealousy! The biggest enemy of human is not human but it is the brutal feelings in human that destroy those healthy strings!
So keep aside your brutal feelings and reach out to the people without strings you may find one of your own strings attached!