According to the english dictionary a boy is described as a young male human and a girl is described as a young female human.

Not much difference eh?

Then why do boys are automatically considered strong and women fragile as soon as they are born.

Boys are as much human as girls. They have as much right to feel and express as girls.

To all the boys out there, it’s ok if you cry for your long lost love. Β It’s ok if you feel hundred emotions all at once. It’s okay if your heart is made of gold and glass mixed together and if it has a label called ‘fragile’.

It’s okay if you like makeup even if you’re not gay and it’s okay even if you are one. Β It’s ok if you want to cuddle and want to be held. It’s okay if you’re not afraid of commitment and wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s okay to feel, express and feel some more. Boys do cry and boys do feel. Boys do suffer and they have there own set of problems. For so long there has been a spurious portrayal of the ideal man as someone with super strength who is worthy of pushing and beating people around, but it’s okay if you are skinny and it’s also okay if you are muscular. As long as you love yourself and accept yourself it’s all okay.

Just break the stereotypes and understand that boys are nothing but humans and they are capable of feeling too. So stop telling them to ‘be a man’ because being a man means whoever the hell they want to be.


Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

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