I woke up I’m the middle of night . I don’t know what woke me up at this odd time of 3:06 . my mouth was unreasonably dry . I pushed the heavy blanket aside and put my feet down , the coldness from the floor ran a shiver down my spine. The hair on my arms rose because of the cold.

I made my way downstairs and opened the fridge, the dim light coming from it lit the kitchen as much as possible. Suddenly the hair on the back of my neck rose again; this time it was not from the cold. Someone was watching me, as if on cue I heard a sound from the living room. I froze. There is certainly someone in the house. I tried to look through the darkness and saw a silhouette of a man . my heartbeat rose to million beats per second. With the heavy thudding in my chest I started walking towards the shadow, I had a knife in my hand, ready to attack at any moment.

“Where is my damn cellphone?” I cursed. I walked towards the light switch and flicked it on. There stood a man in the center of the living room. He looked clearly shocked. Well, so was I .

“John what are you doing here? When did you return? You surprised me!”. I said with an amused tone.

I took his hand and dragged him to our room . “come and sleep now” I said.

“Whoa! Woman I don’t even know you! Get off me! ” he said with a confused expression.

“John, what are you saying?”

“I ain’t no john lady! Let me go!”

“Then who are you?” I was so mad at him now .

He just stood there in silence .

“See, you’re my John” I said triumphantly.

“No! I’m a thief okay!? I was here to steal! Just don’t call the police please! Ill just leave. He said with animated gestures.

“John why are you doing this?”

“Oh god ! Are u crazy?”

“You are John! My husband!”

“Woah! I’m just going to leave now!” He starts to walk away from me, the pain comes rushing back again.

“You’re not leaving me! You can’t! Not again!”. I shouted with tears in my eyes.

I was a mess , my heart was aching so much that it was almost physical. He was out of the room by now.

I couldn’t think of a way to stop him so I picked up the heavy vase and hit him with all the might I had in me.

“Aahh!” He yelled.

Blood was oozing out of his head like grains escaping from a hole in the sack. He fell on the floor with a thud. He was long gone now. “Oh John. I’m so sorry. But you just won’t stop! If you would only listen! You never listen.”

Sighing I dragged his body to the store room, I opened the lock and threw his body inside.

“Sorry John. I told you to stay but you didn’t. Now you don’t have a choice.”

Locking the door again the count increased.

“Fifty-six” I counted.

“Men never listen” I sighed.


Author: meharmalhotra

Just a teen finding an escape from the real world through words.

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